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Vittorio Cerulli, from Purpose House, Anne-Cecile Turner, representing The Ocean Race and Jill Savery, from 11th Hour Racing discuss what purpose means for a company, what benefits and opportunities purpose brings and how one can be incorporated using the Ocean Race as a live example.

You can listen here.

Hosted by Ceri Hurford-Jones and Alexis Eyre, Future Blue explores all things sustainability in the global marine industry. Combining expert opinions with industry examples, each episode explores a different area. The aim is to inspire change from shop floor to boardroom and illustrate what is both possible and the opportunities that arise. Despite focusing on the marine industry, these podcasts are an easy listen for anyone wanting to learn more about sustainability.

For links to resources mentioned in the podcast or for further updates, follow us on LinkedIn or email us with any feedback or future content suggestions to Directed by Alexis Eyre. Produced by Ceri Hurford-Jones.


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